Checkbot is a tool to verify links on a set of HTML pages. Checkbot can check a single document, or a set of documents on one or more servers. Checkbot creates a report which summarizes all links which caused some kind of warning or error.

Getting Checkbot

Current releases of Checkbot can always be found on CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. Currently the latest version is checkbot-1.80.tar.gz.

Checkbot is now hosted on

Changes in version 1.80 (15-Oct-2008)

Changes in version 1.79 (3-Feb-2007)

Changes in version 1.78 (3-May-2006)

Changes in version 1.77 (28-Jul-2005)

Changes in version 1.76 (25-Jul-2005)

Changes in version 1.75 (22-Apr-2004)

Changes in version 1.74 (17-Dec-2003)

Changes in version 1.73 (31-Aug-2003)

Changes in version 1.72 (04-May-2003)

Changes in version 1.71 (29-Dec-2002)


Checkbot requires the following additional software, all of which is also available at CPAN. Try running the 'cpan' command to install them in your perl installation.

In general, it is recommended to always use the most recent version of these modules.


I usually keep an example of a Checkbot run around.

Additional information

Contact information

Please report bugs and patches at the Sourceforge project page.

Announcements mailinglist

There is an announcement mailing list to which announcements of new versions are posted.

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