In which our hero gets policed around, looks at many animals, and finally tries to apply math and physics..., and fails.

One recurring event at the conference is the conference reception. This time it was located at the Denver Museum of Natural History. This museum is located a bit away from the center, and we were transported by bus. When we got inside we were directed strictly towards certain areas, were we could eat. The food was not too bad, but it wasn't excellent either. After dinner we wanted to roam around, since that is the main purpose of such a reception in the first place. Unfortunately, this turned out not to be easy. See, we were carrying glasses around (the other purpose of such a reception), and we were not allowed to walk on the carpet with them. Within half a minute three people notified us of this, each of them sending us in a different direction.

The museum itself was nice, with many large displays with stuffed animals. It was too large, though, so we did wander around a lot, but hardly ran into other people. Too bad.

After wandering down again we noticed a band playing in the main hall. They played rock music, and they even were pretty good. I guess it must have been the tuxedo's they were wearing which turned me off anyway.

Instead of hanging out any longer in the museum we decided to head back to downtown, and shoot some pool at Rock Bottom. Getting a table wasn't a problem, but playing pool was. We really sucked big time. We often missed incredibly easy shots, and sometimes made unbelievably hard shots. We had a lot of fun though!

Part Ten