In which our hero goes to a strange but interesting dance club, but gets a sample of the local pizza scene first.

Rob was set to go to a certain pizza place, where they would have deep-dish pizza. We took his car to go there, as it was out of the downtown area quite a bit. The pizza was pretty good, though, and we had a good time there.

After dinner SV's were supposed to gather at 9:30 pm to go to some dance club called "1082 Broadway", which was also the address. After gathering a sizeable group of people we walked south on Broadway. After passing the Civic center and the Colorado History Museum, the neighborhood started to get more, well, interesting.

After a while we actually started to doubt about finding a dance club in this street. We were about to turn around when we noticed a queue across the street. We crossed the street, and added ourselves to the queue. In front of the door we noticed a porsche with vanity plates: NFL. Ok, so this might actually be a cool place. After paying our way in we got into a moderately large space. Walls and ceiling were black, and the ceiling was filled with lights. LOUD music was banging all around. A good beat.

The place wasn't too crowded, so we ditched our coats and jackets on a stool, and went to the dance floor. A large screen was showing psychedelic computer graphics, lights were flashing all around us, the beat controlled our movements. Everybody was moving. Well, you probably know what dancing is like.

Later that night it got very crowded, and dancing became virtually impossible. It wasn't until then that I noticed the basement. The basement was very dark, and filled with black-lights, with some grungey band playing. All the way in the back there were even two pool tables. At one of them some SV's were trying to beat two local women, which was fun to watch.

Around 1:30 am we decided to pack it in. Birgitte got pretty bummed when she couldn't find her jacket anymore. We turned the place upside down (as far as possible, because it was still very crowded), but the jacket was nowhere to be found. We figured maybe the others had taken it with them when they left, so we went back to the hotel anyway. I slept like a log that night. Part Eight