On Sunday our hero enjoys a slow day, doing nothing much and taking it easy.

Sunday was a slow day. I had decided to turn down an offer to work a tutorial, since I figured most new Student Volunteers would enjoy the experience much more. So now I had some time on my hands. Wrong! I got in at about 08:00, and got a job right away. I had to man the info booth. For no apparent reason this has never been one of my favorite jobs, but I only had to do it an hour. I had to man the booth farthest away from most conference activities, so business was a bit slow. Still, I had to help plenty of people. Mostly, they would resolve their own problems, and then tell me about it, so that I in turn could answer those questions when they came round again. "Yes, the ballroom is downstairs, and to the right.", "Bathrooms are over there on your left hand.", and "Speakers breakfast is just around the corner" where some of the more obvious questions, along with people asking for the location of their tutorial.

In addition to helping out a bunch of people I also ran into some people I would have had to meet anyway. I also met some people I never would have met otherwise, so all in all working the info booth wasn't as bad as I had feared.

After working the info booth I didn't do anything special. I did do some small jobs for the conference office, because I happened to walk past it at the right time. Other than that I talked with a number of other Student Volunteers, and I planned most of the rest of the conference. The rest of the day went by quickly but uneventfully.

The evening didn't bring anything special either. We had some good dinner in a (too) expensive place. It was good, though. Later that night I went with my roommates Rodney and Mike to Rock Bottom again. I had two beers, but somehow they didn't really go down well. In fact, I didn't feel all that well, but I couldn't really pin down what it was. Probably it wasn't something a good night of sleep couldn't fix... Part Five